Living For Revival

Fight The Good Fight of Faith

Do we play a part to help bring revival? I am a radio presenter of The Voice of God, Gospel show on Radio Cardiff, Raph with McGugianI've been reading about revivals for over 20 years, mostly the Welsh revival of 1904. I was born on the same day as Evan Roberts and Smith Wigglesworth, to a Jewish mother in Cardiff South Wales. As a child I saw and experienced the power and presence of God. Growing up around Christians and so called Christians spiritual discernment becomes a second nature.
On this site I'm going to share what the Lord has reveled to me about revival. Our Christianity has got to be real (relationship). Jesus said "take up your cross and follow me" make of it what you will! Both Old and New Testament speak of a Faith that works. Some will still say there are no works involved in salvation thats correct Jesus paid the price on the cross! But if you want to live the Christian life your walk should produce the works as the brother of Jesus, James states Faith without works is dead (James 2v26).

My Environmental Situation

As a child fighting was my obsession. I grew up in a time when it wasnt popular to be black. People would always find a reason to find faults with me and others of a different minority background. When a person has a visual difference it cannot be hidden thus the people who were in authority would undermined me so I always felt as a second class citizen growing up. My parents taught me we are all the same so treat everyone the same. The Jamaican Motto is Out of Many One People which basically is what the bible teaches. As mentioned earlier being of the minority in South Wales as a child was not a pleasant experience. I remember a friend of mine telling me his brother put bleach in the bath to try and be white like everyone else. It is not possible for a child to grow up in those conditions and be able to conform to the British system. What I Was experiencing was a contradiction to what the bible taught? What was the reaction you may ask in my case it was to fight back which I rather enjoyed inflicting pain onto people who wanted to hurt me.

A Boxing Lesson The Gym

Not all boxers have what use to be called The Killer Instinct this is what made the difference between being a champion or not (when there was one true champion in each weight division); Raph in NABC Championship Every fighter should possess this gift (a state of mind). When a boxer enters the ring they should be mentally and physically prepared. If the correct preparation has been made in the gym and on the road they would be able to perform to their best ability. Bruce Lee was known to many as the greatest martial arts fighter, part of his philosophy was to train every part of your body as much as it can be trained aim for perfection as an individual, be the best you can be. A boxer must develop their skills with hours of practice each week. They must learn correct punching techniques speed strength on the pads and punch bags. Sparring is also a vital part of training without it your reflexes will not be as good as they should be. Muscle, strength and endurance exercise are essential along with flexibility and stretches. These components are vital to becoming a champion.

The Fight

Some people have a natural gift for fighting others can practice and learn to be good; I have often noticed that the people in the gym with the natural gift were often the laziest. Talent is a gift, determination is a state on setting your focus. Complacency has caused a lot of disappointments in life and sport. Revival in the church is always preceded by conviction and by prayer. Talents or Giftings are given to us by God but the cliche Familiarity breeds contempt has destroyed many people because we need to recognise if we do not use it we will lose it! Stay focused be encouraged never give up if you fall rise again be the one to get the prize

Are You Ready For Revival

This is a question I often ask myself when I'm remember that God is a God of the present as Paul said forgetting those things of the past. A few years ago I said to the lord that I'm ready for revival in 2008 this was on a Tuesday by Thursday at the youth club where I was working, there were so many new youths joining that from the time the doors opened at 6.30pm until closing time 9pm we were still taking names. This is how the Lord taught me that he chooses the people for revival, the right people must be in the right positions, Jesus give gifts to the body to allow it to operate correctly (Eph 4v8). I believe many churches are run by self-appointed ministers and laymen who want to be worshiped instead of the God our creator. When we take our eyes off people and look to Jesus it will heal our disappointments. See yourself as a man, woman or child of God then you could be the vessel God chooses to uses.

What is Revival

A minister, said it is when God steps down he was speaking from a first-hand experience. There is a difference between revival and visitation. Many have used the word revival when really there is a visitation. The bible teaches revival begins in the house of God. This is where two or three are gathered in Jesus name. A definition for the word revives means to bring back alive. Raphael_McgugianThere are a lot of different theories most come from people who have never really had a God encounter or understanding of the deep thing of God which he wants us to experience. God spoke to me and asked me to visit a church. I believed it was too dead to be raised. My wife and I were obedient and visited the church; we had just come back from a meeting where we experienced a first-hand visitation in 2006. At the time I thought it was a revival. When we entered the church nothing extra ordinary was happening, the congregation were invited to give personal testimony what the Lord had done, I stood to my feet and talked about the visitation we just saw and people started to cry, my wife shared what she experienced in the move of God and sat down then standing again I talked about a healing that occurred in the meeting, all of a sudden God stepped down every persons (except 3 musicians) ran to the altar and started crying out to God for mercy and forgiveness. This was different to what we just experienced but it was the same Spirit of God moving. This was a visitation to Gods church. Revival is a renewing of our love towards God through Jesus Christ. It allows us to go back to our first love with him. Thus its contagious as The Holy Spirit touches people through us. First individuals the church then the community and people are drawn into Gods presence.


Why No Revival

Jesus went to heaven and sent us The Holy Spirit to carry on the work he stared. There are Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers. When these offices are in their correct places they will bring the body of Christ into unity and maturity by equipping us to do what we should be doing for Christ. We can see that the Church is not doing what it has been called to do. This is the reason people get desperate and start praying for God to move and rise up people to bring revival. When God steps down people get stirred up again that is revival. What is needed is a habitation for a constant visitation so God can dwell with us as he did in the Welsh Revival of 1904 also on The Hebrides, Scotland in 1949 and other places. These are rare occurrences but should be a common occurrence. Spend time with God go through the test he has set before us with patience. Let the church be more attractive than the world. Its not about music or preaching its about His presence When the world see Jesus in us they will want to know him. Too many people give themselves titles or positions which God never gave I believe this is why the church is powerless at the moment.


Jesus died for the whole world and he said to pray for people to work the harvest field. The way to heaven is open for everyone. Born again Christians have an obligation to let people see Jesus in us. If you say you love Jesus Christ and never talk about Jesus the question must be asked do I really love Him? Would you marry someone and commit to spend the rest of your life with them without loving them? The true Christian life is a life of sacrifice its all about freely we received from God and freely we give to others. When Christ comes for his bride I want to be in that number. Like it or not as Joshua said "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord". I have heard it said that people of the west think too much and have it too easy. These conditions bring complacency to the body of Christ and when hardships come on us we start blaming the Devil when it might be God trying to move us out of our comfort zones and move us to a higher level in Him. Paul said I thank God I speak in tongues more than all of you but in the church I speak so people can understand and be edified or reveal things of their heart to show the power of God and His Love. Let Gods Spirit lead you in all things good or bad trust God develop sensitivity to God by reading His word and praying do the right thing. Choose to live right do not neglect fellowship with true mature believers. Be blessed and encouraged.