My Father arrived in the UK from Jamaica as part of what is called the 'Windrush’ generation, in 1951, my mother arrived in Britain the following year. They were sent by God as Missionaries to be part of the forthcoming revival. It has been told to me on numerous occasions numerous that my parents started the first 'Black’ Pentecostal Church' in Birmingham and later in Wales.

As a child the church was full of the Holy Ghost Fire I remember hearing my dad preaching and notice a warm exciting presence that seemed to saturate the building, it was not frightening! no it was a reality that God was present. It was here that I first sensed at this early age that God wanted me to speak his word.

When similar West Indian families left their homes and came to Britain the Martin large Family Household would be the first temporary home for many of them. My parent had their first UK residents in Birmingham, Fenton Road 'Aston', and then God moved them to South Wales, Fitzhamon Embankment, Riverside, Cardiff. My 'Mom' which everyone called her gave birth to 13 children who are all truly talented which a great testimony of God’s favour is and answer to our devoted mother’s prayers. Many of the children have highly achieved in the entertainment industry, music fashion and teaching.

Form our humble beginnings in Wales I have seen the West Indian influence spread throughout this country into most denominational churches but these denominations haev seemed to have lost there first love and become almost mainstream. I remember as a child people who loved God coming to church to pray and praise God. Miracles were a common occurrence at home and in church,my mum would keep praying until she got an answer this took its toll as many people took advantage instead of seeking God for themselves.

Personal Encounter

In June 1992 I had a personal encounter with God; someone may ask what does that mean? I will recall the events leading up to the encounter. Approximately three weeks prior to 15 of June at the ripe old age of 27, I was happy with my life and career, living in London as a single adult and quite content. My manager had arranged a fight for me in Sweden and on my return a Welsh Title fight was on the horizon. It must have been about 3am in the morning when I was awaked by an excruciation pain in my stomach, I thought my time on earth was up! I picked up the phone to let my mother know that I'm going die, and to collect my body. As I was reaching the phone a voice said "pray" my answer was "oh yeah". My prayer went something like this "I know I haven’t lived the way you wanted me to live, or gone the place you wanted me to go, or done the thing you wanted me to do! but if I die now take me home because I'm sorry. When my prayer was finished a peace came on me, letting me know I was not going to die. Sleeping was dificult that night because I still had pain, but in the morning, what was said last night was quickly removed from my mind, 'life went on as usual'. My mother was 66 years old and living as a widow for 18 of those years, my dad on his death bed asked me to look after Mom, therefore I felt it was my duty to help and protect her as much as possible. Therefore I made it my duty to visit my mother home as much as possible.

While on one of my weekly or fortnightly visits to Wales my life would never be the same!

Face To Face With Jesus

History teaches nearly all of the 12 apostles of Jesus were martyred. The truth is, all they had to do was denied that Jesus rose from the dead they could have gone back to their old lives free from persecution.

Why do people including Christians? Have a problem with people who say they have seen Jesus? In 1992 i had my first Jesus encounter, he appeared and spoke to me face to face as he did to Moses, it was a strange event, because I was in a foul mood with someone who loved Jesus and I thought they were a hypocrite. The Lord never spoke to me about the person I was upset with, he showed me myself how he saw me.

There are people who live this Christian life thinking that they can live as they like because they accepted Jesus as there messiah. Living the Christian life guarantees you will get to heaven, this cannot be denied. When Jesus came his problem was with the hypocrites. Jesus took me in the spirit and showed me how people get judged. Have you ever heard people who say they almost died! many will say that they saw their life flash before them! What I experienced was that in the spirit there is no time it is always now like Faith is. God knows all and sees all?. This should make it clear God said to Jeremiah before you were formed I knew you, there are many statements which show God is the alpha and omega, but it is all now, that why, we can read revelations today and understand that the future is coming to pass now but it was writen Written 2000 years ago!.

The Bible clearly states that liars and thieves go to hell, but the bible also states that hell was not made for us humans it was made for the devil and his angels. Jesus came to give us life this life. The bible states that that we can only have life in Jesus, Hence the term born again or new birth from above, this gives access to the Kingdom of Heaven.

When I was with Jesus this is the principle he showed me if a person is stealing money from their boss, then in the judgement he is actually doing the act in front of Jesus and it cannot be denied. The bible teaches ‘we will all be judged by our deeds’ Revelations 20v12-13, I saw Jesus beside each of us and we were watching ourselves committing the act of stealing or what every sin we were committing. Because of Gods righteousness you cannot enter in to Heaven.

If while on earth we confess and turn away from our sin God is always ready to forgive. Unless you blaspheme the Holy Spirit

Walk The Walk

To talk about an experience you never, is like explaining the taste of an orange fruit to someone who has never tasted or seen an orange!

Faith believes what the bible states. Someone once said that everything in the bible is truly stated but not everything stated is truth. This is a profound fact! Spirit filled people should understand this. There is a teaching that once you are saved you are baptised with The Holy Spirit and it’s all in the package. Some denominations say if you do not worship on a Saturday you are breaking Gods commandment, some even say once your saved no matter what you do, you’re ok now 'Once saved always saved' and some say Jesus is the only one meaning he is the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit etc. there are so many variations of Christianity it can confuse anyone

God is God and he cannot lie, God he is the same yesterday and forever. Walk in the Spirit and do not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Jesus left the church with a fivefold ministry to mature the body, each ministry has a unique part to play, when each part are operating as they should the body will be healthy. Develop your own individual ministry, and be the person God created you to be. Do not be a clone when God made you he did break the mould. There is no need for you to copy anyone else. There are many different gifts in the body of Christ if you own a business support the ministry, if you have the gift of helps help people. Whatever your gifting is use it, because God will judge you on how you used your gifts and talents. I remember one of the first times God spoke directly to me in an audible voice, God said "do not keep passing the cup" he was letting me know that when trials come we need to trust that he will take us through them.

It’s good to hear the Voice of God! When God speaks it does not matter what others say, there is a reality that only God can give, it gives life to the word of God. Let God be true and every man a liar in other words if you hear a word that contradicts The Word of God there is a problem because God cannot lie.

Not everyone will be a fire lighter but every believer should carry a light. A fire lighter will walk with the fire of God which should catch others alight. Be honest to yourself do you affect people everywhere you go, are people blessed in all you do, or do you imagine that you do, but really it’s only a fantasy. A dead church is a disgrace a luke warm church is worse. When a problem is recognised, it can be rectified, if the problem is ignored it will not go away. I need God more and more each day we should go from glory to glory. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Ask yourself this , is this statement true in my life, have you been truly been baptised with The Holy Spirit? Are any gifts operating in my ministry? Is God’s presence still real to me? Let me put it this way if Jesus came to visit you today would you be ready to meet Him!


The Life of a Christian should be to imitate the life of Christ. George Muller was a man who realised that it was his duty, as a Christian to help as much as he could. He never asked for any money and yet he built houses in Bristol, and took orphans off the street. He was a selfless man who practiced what he preached. History is full of people, like Charles Finney, Charles Spurgeon Billy Graham, Evan Roberts, Duncan Campbell, Charles and John Wesley etc. these are a few people who sacrifice to help others. History has acknowledges the work these people have achieved how would you feel if you name was added to the list as a true friend of Christ.

When God moves we don’t need gimmicks or seductive music to entice people to go to church, a nation will be drawn towards God if Christians stop loving the world so much and start loving the one who created us.

I love this statement ' You can follow Jesus without loving Him! But if you love Jesusyou will follow Him!